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About Herbal Vitamins

True herbs generally come in a gel capsule form and the ground or shredded herb, in dried form, is visible within the capsule. In fact, you can open the capsule and pour the ground herb out when needed for making salves and ointments.

Many popular herbal supplements sold today are actually hard packed pills which contain only a small amount of actual herbs in them. Often these pills contain other ingredients and preservatives which may or may not be beneficial to you. The pills do not dissolve well, however, and since they only contain a small amount of actual herbs, they are not as effective as true herbal vitaminsl.

Listed below are some general vitamins that can be taken as a daily supplement.

1. Kelp is an excellent herb to use as a daily vitamin, but it’s particularly useful for women during their period. Kelp is naturally high in iodine and potassium, plus iron – all of which are more important during menstruation. Kelp also has many other essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, mangesium and most of the B vitamins.

The natural iodine in Kelp helps regulate your thyroid gland, and when the thyroid is functioning properly your body has more energy and better metabolism.

Kelp is naturally high in salt, though, so if you’re sensitive to salt you may need to adjust your daily dosage based on how your body responds.

2. Chlorophyll is another personal preferred daily vitamin herb. It’s sometimes referred to as “Nature’s Green Magic”. Chlorophyll is the life force of plants, a.k.a. the plant’s blood and it has lifegiving nutrients that are easily assimulated by the human body.

This herb helps regulate calcium in the blood, helps regulate the body’s blood sugar levels, stops and inhibits growth of bacteria, and accelerates tissue and cell regrowth to help the body heal faster. Chlorophyll also helps purify the liver and get bile moving regularly, eliminates mucus from the bowel and helps rebuild damaged bowel tissue. As if that weren’t enough, Chlorophyll also helps deoderize the entire body, so it reduces body odor and bad breath as well.

Chlorophyll can be bought in the form of pills, teas or liquid extracts. Herbs which are high in Chlorophyll include Alfalfa and Parsley.